May 20, 2013

My Addiction

For some it is shoes, for some it is bags, for some it is nail polish. For me, my girly girl addiction is sunglasses, hands down. I have no restraint. They are the Achilles Heel, the chink in the armor, the leak in my barge. I cannot resist the alluring pull of glamorous shades. 

I hit up the glorious spinning racks at every store, supermarket, street shop, and gas station. I twirl the racks and have to try on at least three pair--at least. My mom always tells me I have one of those faces that just works with any pair of glasses. I can make them work. From Elton John to Lady Ga Ga styled frames, I will own it. Not that I would ever purchase anything too Willy Wonka, but honestly I have at least tried on the gamut when it comes to shades of every shape and color.

Lately though, I am incontestably gravitating to a more classic look. I love a good, solid cat-eyed Ray Ban style. Sadly, all of the pairs I was finding online were killing me with their prices. I mean, I am not about to fork over $190 bucks for the "real thing." So what is a girl to do? Bide my time, that's what. 

In my mind's eye I could picture, with great detail, the exact pair of shades I was looking for. I could see the frame size, the style, and the shape. I knew, right down to the rivets, what I wanted. That way, when I went shopping I could try on frame after frame. Confidently I could pick them up, put them on, shake my head, and put them back while simply saying: "These are just not what I am looking for." Some were close, tantalizingly close, but just not quite there. 

Finally, after ages of searching, there they were. THE pair I was looking for. They were black and white. Very classic cat eye. I loved them and for only $12 I was all over it. I found them back in February. Then it was like suddenly they were everywhere. The pair I was looking for kept showing up in stores and I was in sunglasses heaven. I had to practice so much restraint to just be happy with the pair I already had. 

Then, just a week ago, my mother and I visited a store and they had not one, not two, but three amazing pairs of sunglasses on clearance. Like $3 on sale clearance. I snatched them up and took them straight to the register. See, waiting paid off--sort of. And obviously I have an addiction.


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