May 9, 2013

On the Job

One of the things I love most about working from home is trying to get the job done around curious, little hands. Yes, certainly I get frustrated when he starts trying to help me type on my computer. Yes, it is complicated trying to take product photos of my husband's marble runs while also trying to keep a set a beautiful blue eyes out of my shots. But it is also grand to see the wonder and novelty in his eyes. The tasks I see as mundane and tedious, he sees as fun, just plain fun. All I have to do is take a 10 minute break from whatever I am working on and just be there, having fun, with my Littleman. Suddenly I am recharged and ready to tackle an inbox, take more photos, or write more website content. And with the new found energy I am more efficient and can get work out of the way so we can just play more.

It is also funny, but this Littleman also knows when I mean business. For the most part he can entertain himself for the hour or so I need to fill out job applications for freelance work. During his nap I can crack out three or four pages of content. When I really need a larger chunk of time to work I have a little playgroup exchange that gives me six hours a week baby free. I love the ebb and flow of work throughout my day. I try my best to keep to a certain type of schedule, but I also adore the freedom I have to put away what I am doing and pick it up again later. 

Some days it is hard to be motivated to work from home. At those times I'd rather just get chores done or want to just play and lounge with my boy. Sometimes I will give in to those feelings, but most often I am motivated to work because I am doing it for those same curious little fingers. Budgets and money are a necessary evil. I don't hate money. I just hate that I need a certain amount every month otherwise I am going to develop an ulcer. Honestly, I have always felt that I don't need to be filthy, stinking rich to be happy. However, it is nice to have a cushion some months, where the numbers in my bank account don't drop into the single digits and nearly give me a heart attack every time I shop for groceries. 

So I work. I work to provide help for my hard working husband. I work so my Littleman can get what he needs and a few things he wants. I work a little so I can play a lot more with my boys. I work with and around curious little hands, and I don't mind it a bit. 

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