May 6, 2013

The Smell of Lilacs on a Spring Breeze

Growing up spring often meant simply laying out on the grass in my backyard gazing dreamily up at the sky and catching of whiff of lilac on the breeze. Cool weather would be transitioning to hot. I could practically taste the end of the school year on my tongue. I would just lay there a long moment, soaking in all of those good, warm feelings. 

My feet would likely be bare so I could tangle my toes in the grass. My hair was probably boy cut short and splaying out like a bright, blonde halo. I would mostly be watching clouds roll and glowing, green leaves tremble. I would imag ine visiting the pool, running through the sprinklers, and spending days upon days with my best friend. I was probably quiet and pondering for a handful of minutes. Then its most certain I would spring up and chase my little brother around the yard. Or I would be distracted by the wet, wheezing muzzle of my shar pei. Or I would simply get up and go back inside for some N64 Mario Kart. Oh the simple joy of those springy, breezy days. 

Much to my surprise, I got a little piece of that back today when I wandered into my current back yard and caught the scent of lilac. My neighbors have two of the most lush, amazing lilac bushes acting as sentinels to their yard. They are full, and tall, and blossoming with those soft-as-a-cloud-purple blossoms. I took KB out there with me so we could both just bask in the perfumed air. He ran around on the itchy grass without shoes for a little while. We threw the ball. We kicked the ball. Then I snipped a few of the blossoms that hung over to our side of the fence and took them indoors to savor. 

Oh the power of those lilacs, may it never be underestimated.  

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