May 2, 2013

The First Hair Cut

Well folks, we did it, sort of. We sort of did it. We gave this kid a hair cut. Honestly, the mullet hair was making me a little crazy. It was poking out around his ears, sticking awkwardly out of his shirt collars, and getting boogies tangled in it when he slept. Seriously, this morning there was a boogie dreadlock in the front of his hair I had to wipe at repeatedly with a warm sponge to untangle. Gross! It simply had to go, at least a little bit of it. So we had G.G. come over with her new, stellar hair clippers and go to work. 

Littleman was awesome for his first experience with a buzzing shaving device touching his head. He was curious at first and just sat there. After a couple of passes he got bored and wanted out of the highchair, but he didn't fuss or throw a fit. He just wobbled his head and raised his arms a bit. It only took about 5 mins to trim up the back and even out the sides. Not bad at all! Then we were done. There was a small heap of hair on the floor and a deliciously visible neck. I'm in love!

G.G. asked if I wanted to sweep up the little heap of blonde hair to keep in a memory book. I was like, ick no. I think I will have plenty of pictures to prove just how blonde and hairy this little boy was. No need to save the trimmings. But, now that they are collected in the dusty vacuum I kinda wish I HAD kept them. What if I want to feel that soft precious baby hair again? What if, starting now, my Littleman's hair starts to get darker and darker? What a bunch of regrets I had suddenly come up with getting all sentimental about a heap of hair. Sheesh! Mother stuff, it can be crazy sometimes. 

No, I didn't sift through the vacuum and sort out his hair. I'm not that desperate. But I am going to miss this little blonde, 18 MO!!!! head of hair. I can't believe it. He was officially 18 months as of yesterday. They grow way too fast. 

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