Jun 10, 2013

A Summer Picnic of Sorts

Just before I left to go to camp I had several letters to write. I knew the task was going to take a least a couple of hours, but we had already been cooped up for most of the day. So instead of holding up inside for my letter writing task, Blakie and I took to the outdoors. I spread out our picnic blanket, collected a few strawberries from our front patch, and we enjoyed the beautiful, breezy afternoon. My notepad fluttered in the wind. My pen scribbled busily. Even K.B. wanted to compose a sweet, loving message all on his own. 

We don't have many summer days like that one--cool and refreshing. Usually things around our home get hot and sticky in a hurry. We want time at the pool and seek out shade everywhere we go. But not this day. This day things were perfectly lovely. It was cool enough to enjoy, and sunny enough to still be summer. And nothing beats fresh, I mean super fresh, strawberries.

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  1. those are some pretty adorable pictures of your darling boy. Sounds like a pretty perfect afternoon.