Jun 22, 2013

Camera Less Dweeb

These first few weeks of summer have blurred past and in most cases I find myself out of the house and without my camera when cute, noteworthy moments occur. I know, I know! My iPhone is pretty good for packing around and taking a quick pic here and there. Honestly though, without my Canon, my heart just isn't in it. You would be able to tell that if you just looked at my iPhone camera role. Sad, poor, pathetic photo reel, I tell you. I can't get the same quality from my iPhone and feel every effort to do so is just a waste of digital space. So I don't have much to show for these last weeks and I regret it.

Basically, all of this to say, sorry for the lack of content on my blog this last little while. It is hard for me to find any motivation to write when I don't have pretty pictures to go with it. I am amending this little problem right now and will be packing my camera along with me in the weeks ahead. I may even sign up for a ridiculous photo a day challenge so I can change my life and really start capturing moments for posterity.

Please forgive and forget. I'll be back after these messages ;)

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