Jun 24, 2013

The Stories of a Little Pirate King

We spent the weekend at GG and Bapa's house because our daddy was working a lot. For this Littleman that means a little swimming, a lot of playing Hotwheels, and plenty of all around fun and adventure. We love visiting family and spending as much time outside as we possibly can. This little pirate was particularly happy to run around the backyard with nothing but his shorts and a bandanna on. He kicked, and kicked, and kicked the soccer ball around the yard. He splashed and squirted while playing in the pool. His little eyes were just full of light the entire weekend.

Watching him grow up so much breaks little pieces of my heart. Each time he learns a new word or goes down the stairs standing up I lose a little bit of my baby. Instead, standing in his place is the toddler--all sorts of grown up. When we tied the bandanna around this little Pirate King's head so he could swim and not burn his scalp, I saw it! It was the boy again. I have mentioned the boy a few times before, but basically it is when I look, expecting to see my 18 mo and instead find someone resembling more 3-4 yo. Gah! This Pirate was exactly that--a boy, full of adventures and trouble and fun. My 18 mo was gone, at least until the rag came off and he settled in my arms for his afternoon nap.

This kid even has stories he likes to tell. I mean, talk about grown up. He gets going on one of his tales and I am smitten with how much he remembers, comprehends, and connects. Utter awe every single time. There are three stories in particular have been on repeat this last little while.

The first one involves the traumatic death of a wasp that I swatted and stamped on in our family room. Littleman begins and swizzles his finger around in the air, says "bee" and "bzzzz" a few times between gibberish, and pretends to follow the flying wasp. Then he claps his hands together and points down to the ground describing the climactic death of the buzzing pest. He stomps his foot and them points outside, indicating the action I took to dispose of the body. 

His second favorite story to tell involves his lunch with GG, Lala, and Tio. They took him to Red Robin and let him watch a choo choo race round and round a track near the ceiling. Again he starts with the pointing up in the air and moving his hand around in the circle while joyously exclaiming "choo choo!" Then he takes a moment to mention the group at his table, naming them in succession. Then he says, "Where go?" while shrugging his precious little shoulders. This is when the track took our beloved choo choo into a tunnel and out of sight. Then the "choo choo" is back and the story starts over. It is like the song that never ends, but a million times cuter. 

The last story is one from our recent trip to the Orem Summerfest. Blakie was enjoying the snow cones and cotton candy in all of their sugary glory when he heard the blades of a chopper. He starts this story out trying to duplicate the sound of a helicopter, which is cute and comes out mostly like "brrrrm, brrrrrm, brrrrrm."  Then the finger is up and spinning round and round. "Tio" is also involved in this story because he held Blakie on his shoulders and ran him over to where the chopper landed and later when the chopper took off. To top it off, Nana and GG picked out a cute helicopter book at the Summerfest that has several pages and a little copter that follows a little track around each page. He loves it and whenever he finds it he begins his little helicopter tale. 

I know that all too soon the gestures and simple sounds he makes right now to tell his stories will fill in with words and even more understanding. I know, when that time comes, I am going to sorely miss these little, simple, inarticulate mumbles that I completely understand. I know, I will love them and love him so much. I know I will also be missing my baby boy. 

Oh Pirate King! You have my whole heart. Now tug up your britches and lets learn to swab the deck shall we?



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