Jun 24, 2013

Ever Seen a Party Animal?

This is just a quick shot from a Circus Party hosted by the Shops at the Riverwoods in our area. That day we had already played in the pool, pushed cars around a track, and hit up some shopping. This kid was beat dead tired. He sat in his stroller all quiet and dozey. I seriously thought we were in for another nap at 6pm fiasco. All that to say, this little party animal was plum tuckered out by the time we got to this little circus. We wanted to fully enjoy it, really had every intention of doing so, but is just wasn't going to happen.

Despite his lethargic state though, this kid still really liked the big cats. I mean, who wouldn't? He kept pointing and saying, "meow." There were also a few animals/mascots walking around the event. One particularly scary gorilla didn't garner any love from this boy, but Cosmo of BYU was a bit more appealing. We had fun listening to the music and wandering aimlessly through the shops for about 30 mins before we decided it was time to just call it a night. It was simply a nice end to a very long day. 

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