Jul 26, 2013

A Little Pond for my Little Puddle Jumper

We were seeking adventure. We were seeking reprieve from the heat. We were seeking something new. Well, we found it, all of it, at a little pond. 

G.G. had a coworker tell her about this place--a little oasis in a little hidden part of a town. It had a sandy beach and cool water. It wasn't usually very crowded. It was made for fishing and swimming and plain ole fun in the sun. So we went on a little adventure to go and find it. Turns out this coworker was right and this little pond was exactly what we were looking for. 

The water though, it was cold. It was colder than I would have liked, even on a hot day. Also, sadly the sand was something K.B. was not having any part of. He hated it on his toes. I get it, it was a little more gritty than the sandy beaches of Bear Lake, but still it was a bit of a surprise. I would try to put his little self down and he would stick is legs straight out at a 90 degree angle. "No, no, no," he would say with concern, keeping his precious pigs far, far away from that treacherous sand. So I put on his water-socks and things went a little better. 

We swam around, watched the kids, and played with the sand. I guess sandy fingers was a completely different matter. Fingers=OK Toes=NO I got it! Then we went for lunch at a Thai place we love and strolled around looking at bike shops. We are really into bikes these days, this little family of mine. Anyways, while looking at a bike shop I was stung twice by a nasty hornet. Not a fan! It was red hot, itchy, and felt like the worst of rug burns. I think the wasp was on K.B. at first, and when I took him from G.G. it got trapped by my arm and stung me. OUCH! But thankfully my baby was left unscathed. I'd take a stinger for him any day people. But GAH! We had to put some ice on it and I had this itchy, swollen, red patch of skin for three days. 

The pond was great. The company was great. The Thia was great. The wasp sting, well not so much.


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