Jul 27, 2013

The Library, Our Citatdel

On cloudy, overcast days much like this one the Littleman and I tend to retreat to our citadel. It is the one place where I can encourage quiet reverence, and at the same time safely throw open all the windows of his imagination. The library holds a sacred place in my heart, and I hope, with much encouraging on my end, it will hold the same comfort and amazement for my Littleman. 

For me, the library has always been a place of refuge; the place I flee to when I need something only gleaned from the printed page. The walls of the library are to me the impenetrable workings of the most steadfast and impervious castle. They protect ideas, creativity, and the ever-reaching goals of improvement and self-seeking knowledge. Though my library does not have towers and turrets, I always feel well watched over. The questions I have are carefully answered by the knowledgeable librarian acting as adviser to my quests. 

There is one particular thing I love about a good visit to the library: I never leave empty handed. Despite my intentions for a quick stop, or just to return a few things, without fail I find something calling out to me from the halls and corridors. Some times it is the tortured prisoner wailing from the damp, pressing dungeon. Some times it is the stern voice of a tutor admonishing from the study hall. Other times it is the Queen with her regal and projecting timbre encouraging etiquette and skill. The dim witted princess often calls out from her chamber with nothing but romantic thoughts and whimsical tales. Once in a while it is the quite whisper of the humble, stooped over manservant who appears to have little to offer, but in turn will bewilder with depth, graciousness, and wisdom. Most often though, it is the squandering prince, the adventurous rouge who beckons me along on his death-defying quest for gold, or pride, or love.

I escape the castle with an armful of limitless possibilities. I take them home and devour them page by page. I sneak secrets from the text, I find purpose in the words, I find myself over and over, deeper and deeper. Then I return to the citadel for more. 

Oh yes, the library. Let us return at once!



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