Jul 30, 2013

Is Summer Ending?

It is so funny, but lately I keep clinging to this feeling that Summer is almost over. I mean really, we have a whole month of it left--and more for me because I don't exactly have a job or school to go back to. Yet, there it is, this feeling nagging in the back of my brain reminding me that all the warm weather and fun times will come to an end. It is pestering me, and bringing me down. 

I have yet to have any really spectacular summer milestones. We haven't gone on vacation. We haven't done any home improvement projects. We haven't gone hiking. We have gone to the pool and the lake, but somehow this isn't felling like enough. So what is the hold up? Why does this summer feel so different to me?

I think I have it. First, his summer my hubby has been trying to promote at his job, but also has been working loads of overtime. This means there are fewer and fewer weekend getaway options for us. Which has been fine for the most part. I love him and know he is working so hard to take care of this little family. But it also means a little bit more down time than I am used to. Second, I thought I was going to be pregnant this summer and I am not. It is a bummer and definitely clouding my sunny days. I try and ignore those thoughts, push them aside, but they are always lingering and telling me all the would-have-beens. Third, my motivation is shot! Seriously it takes all my time and energy keeping our house organized through the day to day. The last thing I want to take on is painting a room or building a new piece of furniture. It would be nice, but it is so not necessary. 

So, here we are, one month left of summer and I think we have some big plans in the making. We are taking a huge summer retreat with family to Bear Lake. It is a tradition reserved for the last days of summer and I find myself looking forward to it very much. Also, though Superman is working on the day of our Anniversary, he has the entire next week off. Huzzah! So we might be making another vacation trip then. If things work out this is going to be the greatest last month of summer ever! 

Until then, cheers to Seven Peaks.

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