Aug 1, 2013

Self Portrait Series :: 1/30

Well, I am at it again. I am joining the Beautiful Mess 30 Day Self Portrait Challenge. It is something I am terribly afraid of, which I probably mentioned the last time I did this kind of thing. What a commitment! However, because there are exactly 30 days in August, our family is planning on a couple vacation trips this month, and it is our anniversary month, I am going to try and jump-start the creativity in my photo taking. 

I know this experiment in self portrait photography will stretch my bounds and limits. It will help me think and see in new ways. It will help me get to know my camera a little better. Also, as with my last experiment, I hope I will be better able to appreciate myself and my quirks a little more. I am who I am, and though it may not always be pretty and photo worthy, it is real. That is what I hope to capture through this Self Portrait Challenge--my reality.

I can't believe it is 30 whole days. Sounds like a very, very long time considering the last Self Portrait Series was only 5 whole days. Wish me luck!

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