Jul 6, 2013

Summer Storm

It happened! Our first summer thunderstorm finally happened. It was so beautiful, refreshing, and lovely. It was everything a summer thunderstorm should be. It came on with the howling of the wind. A smattering of heavy drops hit like missiles. Then, miracle of all miracles, it lingered. Most summer storms around here whirl in and out within ten minutes. This one though, this the epitome of all fist summer storms, took time to develop, culminate, and later fizzle out. 

During the very beginnings of the storm we threw open the doors and windows of my parents' house. The smell of wet and humid drew us all outside so we could watch the thunderclouds rolling in. They were billowing and blooming at such a clip it was impossible to take it all in at once. They were dark and low. They were heavy with rain. Eagerly we watched their approach and rejoiced when the first drops fell.

The lightening was bright and purple. The thunder was rough and shaking. I buzzed with excitement and took some time to dance in the rain and run wild around the front yard with my little boy and little brother. KB wasn't even scared of all the ruckus. He ran with the wild wind, he took each spattering drop in turn, and ran out for more. We were not drenched when we returned indoors, just a happy damp. We were finally cooled down. We were finally washed clean. 

Then we had Mountain West Burritos and all was well with the world. Granted, their power went out and the registers were down and it took us three stops to find a properly working ATM, but it was well worth it. 

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