Jul 8, 2013

We are Really Good at Sharing

...perhaps a little too good.

This kid loves to share his food with this stuffed doggie. It's name is Doggie. He is very precious to Littleman. He has temporarily taking the place of Peter Rabbit while he is on vacation at G.G.'s house, and now Doggie goes everywhere with us. He mostly stays in the crib with K.B. at night, you know, to keep him safe and watched over. However, now things are little more intimate. 

This here Doggie comes out of the crib with K.B. every morning. He sits at the kitchen table for breakfast, usually eating spoons full of milk and Cocoa Puffs. Then he comes downstairs and waits for lunch. At lunchtime he gets to eat double dipped fries covered in ranch. Then we cuddle, all three of us smelling like sour milk and ranch, for a long nap. After naps K.B. usually runs wild until dinner, and finally has forgotten all about Doggie. This is when I give dear, sweet Doggie a little wipe down so the milk and ranch can't get too terrible. Then Doggie naps in the crib until it is time for bed. 

Another day, another date with Doggie. Honestly though, I am loving it. K.B. is not particular as long it is a a stuffed animal, any stuffed animal, acting as partner in crime. He is so affectionate towards his pets and I am hoping, fingers crossed, this means there will at least be something to take his mind and attention off of the binky once in a while. This is my life right now; Doggie, "nie nie," and spilled milk and guess what, I'll take it. Though, I can't help but want Peter Rabbit back. He at least would mind his manners at the table. 

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