Aug 29, 2013

Blackberry Pickers

Photo by Ashley Thalman
How do you sop up the last dregs of summer? Well we found a pretty good option to soak in more of that summer lovin before fall overtakes us. Yesterday the boy and I escaped our urban spoon and retreated to the most beautiful, self-pick farmland for a lovely morning with new friends. Driving out to the farm I was already smitten. It was so beautiful sitting up on the western hillside and looking out over Utah County. There were acres and acres of orchard, vineyard, and delicious berry bushes. Every ranch house I passed I thought, "I want to live here, I want to pull up my roots and build a house just like that right in this very place."

We arrived at the farm and were introduced to several stunning ladies and their cutie kids. Then we got right to it and started stripping the bushes of their berries. Littleman never quite got the concept of filling his bucket. Instead I would put a handful in his pail and he would immediately start shoveling them in his mouth. Then, when my bucket was getting full he insisted we switch. So I would take his newly emptied bucket and he would start snitching the blackberries out of mine. The process continued for about an hour us rotating buckets and fingers staining black in berry juice.

After an hour of fruitful labor we settled onto the blankets and under the sparse shade for a picnic. We chatted up new friends and played with little mates. We ate, and ate, and ate. It was delicious the food, the conversation, and of course the blackberries. The only thing ushering us to hurry was the hot sun. Otherwise we would have stayed on that hillside farm for the rest of our days. And to think, all this from a sweet instagram invitation! Loved it. So a special thanks to Ashley Thalman, for the invite and the exquisite photos. 


Photo by Ashley Thalman

Photo by Ashley Thalman

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