Aug 22, 2013

Feeding the Ducklings

In our last efforts to HAGS Littleman and I took a quick trip to Utah Lake on a hot afternoon to cool off and feed the ducks. Superman was going to be getting home late and we didn't have the car, so our options were fairly limited. I buckled him in the bike trailer and off we went. The lake is only about a mile from our house. Seemed like one of our only choices really.

It is close, convenient, and covered in icky sludge which is why we don't visit all that often. I wish the Provo dock of Utah Lake had a sandy beach instead of mucky mud. So no, there was very little hope for a sandcastle.The tepid water did little to cool us down, but the ducks were all that little boy needed to be happy. They came swimming right over, practically begging for those Cheetos. He obliged, happily quacking and squawking along and calling them back if they tried to swim off. He also was smitten with all of the boats launching right close to us. Also, as an added bonus, we live extra close to the airport meaning about every fifteen minutes a plane flew directly overhead. Basically boy heaven. 

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