Aug 25, 2013

Seven Years Good Luck


Today is our wedding anniversary and I cannot believe I have been with this guy for seven years! Our first year I remember feeling like I was finally getting used to the idea of being married, the third year I was very pleased, and now after seven I can't imagine ever being without him. All of them have been wonderful years, and now with our baby boy they are made even better, yet fly by so much faster too. My Superman is the best dad, husband, and friend. He is my entire world and I try, everyday, to live up to the kind of wife he deserves.

To celebrate this momentous occasion I have selected these two pictures. The photo on the left is of Spencer's parents on their wedding day and on the right is our day, that cream suit is the same in both pictures. Kirk passed away when Spencer was very young, but I know that man is very proud of his son and the amazing job he is doing, taking care of his family. I'd also venture to say that they share so much more than just a cream suit. When I see my husband interacting with Blake and lighting up when they play together, I can see bits of his own father. I see it also when he interacts with is sisters and mom. I see it when he is out in the garage working with his tools. I know from the stories I have heard about Kirk that he was a fun loving, caring, and great man. His son is much the same and I am so blessed to have him.

Thanks babe for the best seven years ever! I cannot wait to share more with you until the end of eternity. 

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