Sep 29, 2013

This Little Family of Mine

I love fall and I especially love fall portraits. We took these on a sunny Sunday afternoon during a drive up the canyon. 

I have wanted to keep up a fall tradition of family portraits. During the year Littleman was born Spencer and I took a drive up the canyon and ended up just taking a family portrait as a spur of the moment thing. I was vastly pregnant, expecting our boy in the next couple of weeks. We quickly hopped out of the car on a drive around the Alpine Loop and my mom snapped a quick shot of us with a hillside of fall leaves in the background. Spencer had placed his hand on my huge belly and we both just smiled, completely unaware of how much our lives were about to change. That spontaneous family portrait quickly became one of my most favorite. 

So, in honor of the not so long-standing tradition, we took a drive. Though these portraits were not quite so spontaneous, I do love them and love documenting the evolution of this little family of mine. 


  1. Thanks for sharing these wonderful pictures of your wonderful family. I love fall too!