Sep 23, 2013

Just a Little Letters

Found some awesome letter magnets at the thrift store the other day and was oh so happy to get home and stick them up on the fridge. Of course, as with most treasures from the thrift store, there were a few letters missing, namely the letters needed to write my sons name. Mom fail!!! I was thoroughly disappointed and have been back to the thrift stores on a number of occasions looking for more to add to our collection, but alas, no luck.

Fortunately, the missing letters don't seem to bother _ L _ KE even one little bit. He mixes and matches the letters to his heart's content. He quickly learned purple T and blue R with ease. He has even made up the best game of putting all the letters on the floor and then scooping them up with the dust pan. Ever since the purchase of these letters I have been finding Ps and Qs all over the house, cleaning them up, and returning them to the fridge every night. 

Honestly I am amazed at how quickly my Littleman is starting to pick things up these days. His vocabulary is growing exponentially and I have to be super careful about what I let slip from my lips. He is not only mimicking sound, but also tone. If I grumble and growl, so does he. If I clap and cheer shrilly, so does he. It is funny, and quite charming. I especially love when Tio tries to get him to say certain things in a certain way. A particular favorite seems to be, "No, no doggie!" Blake says this when our dog, or any dog for that matter, starts barking. He shakes his finger and scowls menacingly while issuing this command. Tio thinks it is awesome, and tries to get Blake to say it over and over, lower and lower. 

What am I to do with so much growing up happening in this house? I dare say, a two year old will soon be upon us and I am not quite sure if I am ready for it. 


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