Sep 20, 2013

Go Take a Hike

One of the things I love most about living where I do is the fact that there are mountains on all sides. This valley is so beautiful and I love setting aside time to go outside and enjoy it. One thing in particular I love to do is go hiking. I love the ache of my calves, the soreness in my feet, and the sweetness of a shower I always get after hiking. Nothing beats it, really.

Fortunately for me, Utah is full of amazing roads and trails to travel. There are several within a few minutes drive of our house, which has turned into such a blessing with such a busy Littleman. All I have to do is throw some water and my Ergo in the car and we are all set for a fun, quick adventure. There is one hike that is super close to home, almost always has a handful of people so it isn't scary, and one I can complete before lunch. It also works my butt like nothing else. Love it! 

During this excursion we brought along Papa and Peppers. The morning was perfect, the sky was clear, and most of the mountain was in the shade while we were hoofing it up the switchbacks. That was great because it kept us cool enough while our hearts were humming and our backs sweating. At the top the view is glorious and we were met with a welcome, not to cold breeze. We rested and looked out over the valley we love so much. Then, when the sun was out and the sky was blue, we traipsed back down and enjoyed every delicious moment. Pepper was especially giddy to be stomping around in the dirt and sniffing all the bushes. Blake was a perfect slavedriver, sitting happily in the Ergo and shouting, "Go, go, go!" or "Up, up, up!" every time I stopped for a little break. 


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