Sep 12, 2013

Watercolor Rain

The last few days have been the most blissful kind of drizzly. I love, deep down to the center of my being, rainy days. I remember, back in elementary school, outwardly protesting indoor recess while inwardly rejoicing the rain and wet. Heads up seven up, reading books, passing origami notes with my friends: praises be the rainy day recess! My feelings, as you can tell, are much the same for my adult sized body. 

So, over the course of this rainy week the Littleman and I have spent much of our indoors time cleaning, cuddling, and cozying up with our favorite books and stuffed animals. We build pillow forts on the floor, we nap to some of mommy's favorite movies, and we have deliciously decadent and warm lunches while we watch rain spatter on the windows. 

Speaking of windows, they have all been flung wide open during the dryer parts of this week. The cool air is such a refreshing change and the perfect transition to fall. Bonus! Our electric bill will be way down because the A.C. has officially been offed. I mean, offing the A.C. really is the first sign of fall, is it not? Instead of the obnoxious purr of the fans we are lulled by the gentle wafting of curtains. 

As you might imagine, with all this indoor time on our hands, aside from cleaning, we have also been getting a little artsy. This almost-two-year-old phase is really good for simple entertainment and easy crafts. Watercolors especially seem to be a favorite. So I lay down the newspaper, pull out the water and paints, and let this kid go to town. We sit together for at least an hour trading paints and brushes back and forth. I show him what I am working on and he shows me his. We critique, we smile, we laugh. This kind of togetherness is exactly the thing I love most about rainy days. All I can say is, weatherman, keep 'em coming.
P.S. As of right now Flickr is out to get me. The heinous evil of online photo storage! Anyways, I will add photos to this post as soon as I am able.

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