Oct 31, 2013

Halloween : Lone Ranger Edition

I have loved Halloween for as long as I can remember. Growing up my dad would go all out for Halloween. He would dress up and go door to door with us. I remember one year in particular, my little brother and I wanted to be Power Rangers. My grandmother slaved over her sewing machine to make the perfect Pink Ranger and Green Ranger costumes--and they were fantastic! I was pink mind you. We wore them every day up until Halloween and many, many instances after that.

Well, the day came, and just before we were about to head out the door to beg for treats my dad starts scurrying around the house looking for things he could use to dress up with us. He pulled it together just in time and we stood in an embarrassed awe at the "Black Ranger" costume he threw together. Basically a white turtleneck, black tee, black pants, white snow boots, white ski mask, and white belt. Then he clipped my little brother's Power Ranger walkie-talkie to his belt and off we went.

While we stood on the front stoops he was radio in from the sidewalk telling us which candies to take or talking about Putties. Sometimes he would even join us on the stoop, and though we were outwardly a little embarrassed, deep down I loved him for all his effort and all the fun we were having. We would walk together and talk. We would greet friends and neighbors, sharing that time and that memory together.

All I can say, is now with my own kid, I want that same exact thing. I want to embarrass him a little, but mostly I want to make those memories together. To share Halloween, not just take him out for candy. I want it to be fun, I want it to be exciting, and I want the memory to last.

In an effort to do that we all dressed up this year as the cast of Lone Ranger. My brother was Tonto, my Hubby was the Big Lone Ranger, KB the Little Lone Ranger, and I was Red Harrington. We walked to just a few houses, but loved showing off our costumes and sharing the sidewalk. It is all about tradition! So far I'd have to say, we are off to a great start. Check out our past Halloweens and decide for yourself ;)

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