Feb 10, 2014

Rainy Day Remedy

I am happy it is raining so I can finally put the Christmas present from my mother to good use. I mean, these boots!!! I love them so much, but have yet to encounter any real occasion to wear them until very recently. It has been too cold and thus they have been stashed away in their lovely little box waiting for the perfect weather. You can't even imagine my excitement when I checked the weather today. Immediately I scampered downstairs and started unwrapping them from their tissue. Granted, their debut was merely wandering to and from the mail box, but still a totally incredible stroll. I love these boots!

These last few days have been nothing but low hanging clouds dripping constantly throughout the day. The best kind of weather, if you ask me. This weather means blankets, sweaters, books, movies, and lots of extra cuddles from my boys. Heaven! Just the other day I poked my nose, yes just my nose because I was wandering around in my pajamas still, and took a whiff. It smelled like Spring. I am not even kidding. The familiar tickle in my nose was a hint toward warmer days, singing birds, and green, green, green. Needless to say, I am looking forward to those days. Those wet, drizzling days especially made for wellies.

But Pepper doesn't agree. She dashes outside under duress in the mornings and immediately wants back in. She sits on the back steps looking entirely pathetic and betrayed. I let her back in the house, shaking my head at her poor, unfortunate situation as a dog. What a rough life for her. All cozy indoors while most mutts are cast out and left to fend for themselves. Not this little princess. I am such a soft doggy mommy. She obviously doesn't grasp the joy of wellies weather.

K.B. however is in full support of rain boots. In fact, he usually wears his around the house. He wears them with his sweats, with his skinnies, and even with his pajamas while brushing his teeth. Just the other day I saw him trying to shove his slipper clad feet inside his rain boots, on the wrong feet too. I just sat there smiling while he balanced on one foot while trying to stuff the other inside his boot. His determination is something I envy. Then, just before his frustration got the better of him I stepped in and tugged of his slippers. He tried once more on his own and was finally met with success. Go rain boots! We love you.


PS. It has been an age since I last took outfit pictures and I completely forgot how AWKWARD it is. Yeesh!
{Sweater :: Gap Men's
{Pants :: TJ Maxx
{Coat :: TJ Maxx
{Shades :: TJ Maxx
{Boots :: Hunter
{Hat :: American Eagle

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