Mar 4, 2014

Pregnancy Style Icon : Olivia Wilde

Well, I am at it again, but I should make an announcement first. I am nearly 17 weeks along in my pregnancy. After the disastrous end to my last pregnancy I have been super hesitant to share the news, as might be expected after the "M" word. So there it is, I'm pregnant! The secret is out. 

Anyways, back to 17 weeks, aka the just-looking-pudgy-in-the-belly stage. I have been seriously struggling with outfits lately. Most things feel too tight, reveal too much of my currently chubby state, and are downright itching me to death. So I went searching for some more pregnancy style inspiration. Surprisingly Pinterest could only help me in a very small way. I'm not quite to the full pregnancy belly, so "maternity style" isn't quite what I am looking for. Moving on, I resorted to the same tactics from when I was pregnant with K.B; relying on paparazzi photos of currently pregnant celebrities. Guess who my muse is this time around. Yup, Olivia Wilde!

Her style is edgy, a bit gender-neutral, and really laid back for the most part. I saw a number of workout clothes on the Zimbio feed (which is where these photos came from btw) and am totally on board with that. Olivia Wilde is staying healthy during her pregnancy and that is always inspiring. However, I also found several out and about outfits that are are giving me some good ideas on how to cover the bump for now. She uses neutrals to the max with a few accessories that really count, which I love. Bring on the loose fitting clothing! I am beyond ready for this. 

This black and white combo, edged with leather, is just the kind of stylish inspiration I have needed. Loose blouses are extremely high on my list of things to wear, along with a good pair of stretchy, yet skinny black pants. Also make note of the handbag! It is too small for me to get away with toting it around, but man oh man I really like the simplicity of it. 

There is a definite sweatshirt trend going on right now, but I usually see grey. I have grey and I wear it all the time, but I am completely smitten with this green beauty. This style says it is still a little cool out, but I am looking forward to the green of spring. When paired with comfy jeans this is totally something I will be wearing in the near future. 

There it is, another leather jacket, but this time being paired with a more casual look. I need a good leather jacket, the end! Also, stripes are usually out for hiding curves, but with loose fitting stripes I can see how the bulge is camouflaged. Add a wham-bam lovely leather bag and some aviators and you have yourself an outfit worthy of a solid day of errands. Gimme!

I can totally see myself in this slouchy white, tunic style shirt. I have one and will surely be putting it to good use during this trimester. When paired with the chunky sweater and grey khakis, this translates to the most comfortable pregnancy outfit of all time. Also, despite the fact that I have sworn my loyalty to Converse, her kicks are pretty cool too. 

Last, but not least, with the bump in plain view. Olivia Wilde looks fantastic right here. The light sweater and skinny jeans are right on target with a lovely, little bump. The boots are stellar. The scarf is perfection. I will be using the scarf tactic during these early spring months, for sure. 


  1. congratulations girl! and duh oliva wilde looks freaking bomb.