May 21, 2014

Spin Bike and Routine

Lately I have found some semblance of normal in my pregnant life, miracle of all miracles. I am steadily getting back to routine. For some a routine is a little blah, and I get this way sometimes, but right now the routine is more like, ahhh. It is so fulfilling to get back to things I usually do. There is so much stability and assurance in routine. I revel in the simplicity of it all. I love routine!

My spin bike has been a huge part of my successful routine. In the morning I wake up, and instead of wasting time in bed with my iPhone, I spin. I spin for as long as I can tolerate, which is only 33 minutes right now. It makes me sweaty and happy and puts me on track for a productive day. Then I shower and happily wake up my boy. We do breakfast and a little Mario Kart. In mid morning we do errands if we have them and lunch around one. Then while the boy keeps up napping like a champ for two hours I work on my computer. By the time he wakes up it is time for dinner prep with some snacking. Later Papa gets home, we eat, watch one show together, and head to bed.

This routine may not seem like much, but to me it is my whole world right now. Summer is coming and with it comes crazy schedules and spontaneous adventures. It means vacations and everything but routine. Summer is good, summer is great. For right now though, I will take the routine of it all. I will take full advantage of it.

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