May 15, 2014

What I Eat


Ten Things You May Not Know About My Food Relationship

1. Spearmint Lifesavers are like candy. I never suck on them, ever.
2. I add mustard to my home made tacos. Tradition passed down from my aunt.
3. Pickles and cheese and bread, the things I could easily survive on.
4. I am an excellent enchilada cook. Each time I make it they are better and better.
5. My favorite candy bar has long been Twix, but Rolos will also do.
6. There is a stash of Hershey's in the freezer that I cannot live without right now.
7. Sushi is something I frequent at least once a month, more if we can afford it.
8. When asked where I want to eat out I usually choose Olive Garden out of comfort.
9. I drink tons of water. Like camel amounts of water. ALL. THE. TIME.
10. I don't like green beans, green peppers, or fish sticks.

Lately I have been paying more and more attention to what I eat and am trying to do better. During the early stages of pregnancy I felt terrible. I would eat just to not feel terrible, and anything in proximity would do. Despite the fact that I felt sick all the time, I never really got sick too often outside of the morning. So I was eating a lot and keeping a lot of it with me. I gained quite a lot of weight early and that did not suit me at all. It wasn't all bad weight or bad food, but not much of it was really good either.

Recently I have noticed so many people hopping on Whole 30 foods and lifestyles. That is not really something I can do at this point right now, especially when it is so hard for me to know what Supeman will like and not like for dinner. For me I could do mostly whole dinners all the time, NBD. But it isn't substantial enough for my solidly built husband. I do however purchase a lot, lot, lot more produce these days. I can easily price match it and this helps cut down on a lot of junk around the house. It really helps to have good things on hand for both me and Littleman to snack on or eat for lunch throughout the day. Things like cereal and bread are staples for me though, so I can't see me going completely off of those things, at least not right now.

There are a few Whole Foods recipes I have tried and really liked. Salads are practically all I like in summer, so that is not a bad thing. I also like food hacks, like getting a lettuce wrap instead of a bun at Five Guys or the Tri Tip Salad at Cubby's. I feel like each healthy choice I make is one more step in the right direction as far as a healthy food relationship goes. Mostly I feel like I have a really good balance going right now, eating healthy much of the time and indulging in treats and sweets only on weekends.

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