Jan 15, 2016

Reaping the Rewards

Already I have been kicking January's butt. I mean, usually I hate this month with every fiber of my being. It is slow, cold, and lagging after months busy with friends, family, and Holiday delights. The days are dark and the sun is gone most of the time. Did I mention the cold? It is dismal, and often I have already fallen short of one resolution or another by mid January. But not this time...

The Kill List

This time I am attacking January like Atillah Hunn, and already I am starting to see the benefits. So here is just a rundown of what I accomplished in the first 15 days of the year:
  • Cleaned the entire house
  • Purged my bookshelf
  • Called a realtor
  • Had her do a walk through of our house
  • Decided to be ready to sell by March 1st (I am freaking out, and kinda sad)
  • Already boxed up some things for storage
  • Found a list of 10 local apartments that are pet friendly
  • Joined a writing group
  • Took something for them to critique (and had a blast chatting)
  • Set up a play date schedule for my kids
  • Handed down a church responsibility to the next leader
  • Wrote at least 7,500 words (not freelance)
  • Cleared off the spin bike (haven't ridden it, but hey, it's a start)
  • Used my juicer at least five times
  • Meal prepped at lest three times
  • Ordered out only six times (a huge step for us)
  • And turned in all my freelance work on time!

No question it has been an exhausting 15 days. I have also had a sick kid, a teething kid, and a Superman working 18 days straight. Fortunately today is Friday, and it snowed last night. So the kids and I are taking refuge in the warm house and spending the day just watching Rescue Bots, playing Disney Infinity, and eating all the leftovers. I am even contemplating a nap. Because honestly, I've earned it!

I know I still have a long road ahead of us, especially if we commit to selling the house as quickly as the realtor thinks we should. It wasn't something we were planning to tackle so soon. But the sorry truth is we are quickly outgrowing this starter home. And if Superman wants a separate work shop, which he does, then we will need to move eventually to a place with larger property. So why not now? Before kids start school. Before the busy summer starts up and the market triples in size and we are less likely to sell for the price we want. Before we loose our vigor for this new year and new adventure it promises. 

Wish me luck! I will absolutely need it if I hope to keep this up and meet all my other "Commit 2016" goals. 

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