Jun 5, 2011

Be Prepared to Be Surprised

Dear Baby,
           One thing you really need to know is that life is nothing you can plan for. You can do your best to control the universe, but guess what kiddo, ain't gonna happen. That is something our little family has learned on several occasions and are even learning right now.
           Take today as a brief example. Today I finally paid off the body work on my car as well as the new tires for Papa's car he put on a while back. My next paycheck was going to be all mine, and you can bet that was something to get excited about after months of deductions and tight budgets. I was making early, selfish, and ill conceived plans for that money, mostly in the form of a bike. Well, it wasn't a thunderbolt from heaven that struck those plans down, it was just a small, red, blinking dash light on your Papa's car. "Service Engine Soon." If I know anything I know that small and red and blinking never means anything good.
            Sure enough our now one and only drivable car needs a 100K service which in turn equates to big bucks. I don't know what all the jibber jabber means aside from my hard earned money is once again going into the beater car so that it will keep running with new plugs, wires, and such. Surprise, and not in a good way. At first I was very mad, to the point of pregnant emotional crying.
           But guess what munchkin? Your Papa and I are still so very blessed. First, we have a car we can drive once it is fixed up. Second, we can afford to fix it, even if we don't want to. Third, we have you to look forward to. We have a house, close family, good neighbors and friends. Really, our life is not that hard. I am also of the belief that one bad surprise equals double that in good surprises in the future, so here is hoping for a free, brand new car!
            So baby, be prepared for surprises and take both the good and bad in turn. Life is a lot more fun with those surprises and they will help you grow from turnip size to full on watermelon before you know it. Personally I would take a watermelon before a turnip any day. Let's just hope I still think that at 40 weeks.
                               Love Always,

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