Jun 6, 2011

The New Older Me

I recently discovered that I haven't taken a self portrait of myself for a long while (and yes, welcome to the redundancy school of redundancy). I haven't ever taken a self portrait in fact. Not a close up pic of just my face. So this was a bit of an experiment too. I just feel like everything I have currently is out of date and I am really starting to hate it, always seeing the old me. So, here they are. A couple current shots of what I look like today. I guess these should just be called the older me, right?
They turned out a little bit like senior in high school pictures, except there wasn't an old man trying to make me smile. I don't know if that made it any more or less awkward, but hey, I got it done and that is all that really matters in my blog. It felt weird perching on my bedside table, but it was the only place with natural lighting and a clean, blank wall. I am happy with the way the turned out, despite the high school vibe.
Another reason I decided to take these pictures is because right now I have annoying hair. It is right at the wrong length, if you know what I mean. It is just barely long enough for the majority to be pulled back into a pony tail, but not long enough for much else. I have little baby hairs in the back that need to be clipped or pinned up because they don't quite reach. I hate wearing it down and I can't wear it up. I'm just not that creative. To top it all off, I can't even get it cut into a new style because I made a pact with my cuz to grow it out for nine months. Ew! So now I am trying new things with my hair to see if any of them are worth the effort. So far, style numero uno, I say thumbs up. It is up in a pony, folded into another pony, and secured with some pins. Fairly easy and fairly classy which makes it perfect for me. If anyone else has short-mid hair blues, I need more ideas, so please share.

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  1. your hair and make up looks so great here! love your top as well :)