Feb 23, 2012

Blogger Meet Up

Participated in the Blogger Meet Up last night in Utah County and was a little start struck, I must confess. It seriously was like meeting with best friends who have no idea who I am. I mean, blogstocker much? I do! I kept thinking I recognized people, and then was getting confused about whether I knew them from real life or blog life or instagram. KA-RAZY for sure! I said some flustered things and stepped on a lot of toes, literally. Hey, it was crowded in there. I also went to this thing with cards in hand and many a aspiration. I handed out four, so that is good for my first ever bloggy buddy bashy thing, but I felt like a complete dork because I went all by myself. So here are a few tips I will take with me the next time I do this!

1. Do not be scared. Bloggers are outgoing, otherwise they would not be posting about their lives on the world wide web. So go to make friends and be outgoing.
2. Cards were good, but I should really hand out more of them. Be brave you coward! You printed cards for pity sake, on your expensive photo paper!
3. Hold still while using the iPhone camera with no natural light! Hello photo taking novice, all your pics from that night are blurry.
4. Blogging event means I need a smaller bag. Because it was standing room only I kept knocking people with my purse. OR, better idea, if I have a huge bag use it as a distraction to get peoples' attention and then wow them with my pizazz while I introduce myself and persuade them to take one of my cards.
5. Take a buddy. Going to this event stag is worse than showing upto the prom without a date. Just not a good idea.

I did get win a great calendar from Sycamore Street Press which looks good enough to eat and I did speak with some people. So I will review this evening as a success. Something I will do better next time, but a success all the same.


  1. Omgosh, this post made me smile!! I love how you said it was like meeting best friends who didn't know who you were! Ha ha ha. I feel that way too in the blogging world sometimes! Although, I've never been lucky enough to go to a meet up! Seriously, NO ONE else blogs in my city! I need to hit the road sometime! And if I do, I'll use your fab tips!! Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog, btw! xx Nat

  2. Aw how fun! I would love to do a blogger meet up someday!

    xo Jennifer