Feb 24, 2012

Pinsperation :: Style

I've been thinking a little bit about my style lately, especially after a bloggy open house and so many pin up women looking smashing. I was thinking, if someone asked me to define my style what would I say? My first response to myself was: if you are trying to define your style with words, then perhaps you are doing it wrong. Shouldn't the clothes do the talking? The inner dialogue continued, well then, what do you want your clothes to say?  I am a classy, fun, mommy of one who likes to get dressed up and still kick trash. I want my clothes to say that. Well, guess what, don't. Don't be a meanie. Look at this mess (gesture to disarrayed closet). What does that say to you? I need a pair of goldenrod trousers? No, nice try. It says you don't use me properly. Sniff, sniff. You are so right! So, now what? 
End of internal dialogue. 

The downright truth is I do not really have style, or fashion, or whatever you want to call it. I am not trendy or hip. I do not follow fads (too often) and I have no clue how to use my closet. Hence the pinsperation spree lately. I skim pages, pin from blogs, and stare into the abyss while pondering the meaning of life and linen. As I look over many of these photos I finally know how to define what I want my style to be. 

I am a tomboy-librarian with hippie, feminine vibes who might, on occasion and in fact, just be a swashbuckling pirate queen on safari. So there!

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  1. wow! so happy I came across your cute blog. I totally agree with you- the clothes should do the talking. I too have a hard time defining my style in words. And when I do, I sound like I don't actually know what my sense of style is. ha. I love this post- and I LOVE that red and white shirt above. xo