Mar 15, 2012

Sister Stroll :: A Lunch Date

Today we took a lunch break and headed to the local Five Guys to enjoy some delectable burgers and fries. I love their stuff there. The loud boisterous atmosphere, the peanuts, and do not get me started on the fries. Hamburger heaven, right there. We also let our little brother, The Bachelor, tag along because he is finished with classes early three days of the week. Early being 9 o'clock in the morning, I know. He is one of those early to rise sorts who wants everything accomplished by noon so he can take a siesta and spend the rest of the day playing with neighborhood munchkins who still worship him. The boy is 23, yet they still knock on the door as ask my parents if he can come play. Again, I know! We try to tell him, but to no avail. Hence: The Bachelor, just minus all the girls and the roses. He does like to wear suits though, so that is at least something. 

K.K. is doing wonderful, as always. Lately she is keeping my parents' house clean, keeping herself busy, and trying to keep our brother in line. She does an excellent job at all three. She also keeps my auntie company on the weekends. Needless to say the arrival and Spring followed by Summer will be a big bump in morale around here. Even today it was a bit chill with the wind blustering around us. So we huddled in to Deseret Book for a respite. We browsed while K.K. maneuvered the stroller and The Bachelor again tried to convince us that baby K.B. will learn all the inflections of Argentine Spanish, the language to be spoken in heaven. Also he will be the next Leo Messi if my brother has his way. We have all heard this speech many a time and can only roll our eyes. 



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