Jul 26, 2012

And We Pause For A Sinful Snack

I had a weak moment. I did it. I gave in. I succumbed. I am definitely not the poster girl for self control, that is for sure. But let me start from the beginning. June Superman and I made a bet to see who could go without sugar the longest. Natural sugars in honey and fruit is fine, but no hard sugars, high fructose corn syrup, and the like. It was actually really nice, empowering even. I felt better, my skin was better, and I did better than anticipated. In fact, we both survived the entire month. Then, in July we reevaluated. We sat down, looked at the past month, and decided to keep up the bet through July, but were allowed to have one sugary treat on Friday and Saturday. Again, we both surprised ourselves and did very well for the first three weeks. Then Week four came along and ambushed me. 

It was a doozy of a week. Also, it just so happened to be a day when I had yet to eat, had yet to visit the grocery store, and baby boy was teething. I was starved, tired, cranky, and needed a pick me up. There they were, in the pantry, calling to me. They were the only thing with sugar in the entire house and I could resist the temptation no longer. I sinned against the no sugar commandment with a jar of Nutella and a jar of Skippy. Needless to say, I lost the bet. I did throw in some apples for good nutritious measure, but am pretty sure the several direct spoonfuls negated my healthy efforts. I had to confess my transgression to Superman. He still proceeds to rub the loss in my face. Typical!

Oh well, soooo worth it! 

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