Jul 26, 2012

Pioneer Day

I love when a local Holiday also falls on a day that my hubby has off. This was the case for Utah's Pioneer day and we were able to spend time together and time with family. We ate, we played, we saw a beautiful rainbow. Also, I am severely jealous of the green growing grass at my parent's yard. It is lush and long, a blanket of green downy softness. Baby K.B. is not so sure about it, holding his hands in the air and curling his little toes in revulsion, but I am in love. We sat out on the grass, baby on his little blanket, and gazed up at the clouds coming in. It was a happy Pioneer Day well spent. One of my favorite parts? Red velvet cupcake. I am all about the red velvet, regardless of the holiday. 

There is something about having a heritage, having a distinctive place in a long lineage of past and present. This is always something I think about on Pioneer Day. What is my personal pioneer experience? What groundwork am I laying for the future generations? These are all questions I cannot yet answer, but as my Littleman keeps growing and learning there will be many things I will leave behind through him. I want to teach him about hard work and humility. I want him to know compassion and service. How do I go about leaving all of these behind for him? Living them, living them every day just like my parents have done for me, and my grandparents, and great-grandparents. Wish me luck on leaving a heritage. 

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