Jul 28, 2012

Feeling Entitled 7.28

This week was a bit random. Things are starting to get busy as August approaches and with a State Holiday thrown in the early part of the week I had my days all mixed up. I really hate when that happens. Wednesday felt like Saturday, Thursday felt like Sunday, and by the time Friday came around I was thinking it was Tuesday. Fortunately Superman has a four day weekend so I can have time to get everything around the house back on track just before things start to get crazy. I am telling you, August is a busy busy month around here. I m excited for it to get started, but nervous I will run out of time and energy berfore everything gets done. And I don't even have to get anyone ready for school yet. Yeesh! I can't even begin to fathom how nutsy I will be when that starts happening. 

So here it is, a series of crazy book titles from this week:
"Baby Sleeps While Mommy Dashes Through Chores"
"I am Random, How 'Bout You?"
"Hello Batman Chucks in the Little Boys Section; I Want You"
"Finally Respite"
"Religated to the Back Seat"
"How to Count Ten Twisty Pigs"
"Get Outta My Way Hair!"

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  1. LOVE those shoes. Seriously. Hopefully one day I will have little boys with shoes as cool as that.

    And thanks for the link-up!