Jul 22, 2012

Entitled 7.22

If this week were summed up in a series of book titles it would look a little something like this:
"Lazy Sunday Afternoon"
"Bulldog Trousers" 
"Lashes as Long as the Nile"
"Baby, Messy Baby"
"How to Train Your Dog to Clean Up Messes"
"Door Stop Said Boing"
"A Family Who Naps Together"
"Squirt Squirt Bang Bang"

Our week was delightful, delovely, delectable. Really it was a wonderful week. K.B. and I spent much of our time at home slogging around, except on the days when Superman had work off. On those days we decided to have adventures, but unfortunately none of them were documented by iPhone. 

We hit up the pool with family on Wednesday which was probably the best day we have been there yet. This summer the Pass of all Passes have proven to be the bane of my existence. Every time we have shown up at the water park it is over crowded. People here, there, everywhere. I tell you, warding off speeding tubes brings out my mama bear. "There is a baby over here people!" I find myself angrily eyeing at the rowdy teens. Well not Wednesday. Wednesday was swimming pool perfection in my mind. The place was not overly crowded. The weather was not too hot not to cold. Family was there. It was all around just right. I even got to ride some of the slides I have missed out on for four years, so that made me especially happy. 

Then Thursday we ventured to Salt Lake City for a wood working shop Superman wanted to visit. He talked woodshop with the owners all "purple heart" this and "wood turning" that. I turned my ears off for most of it, but was glad to give my hubby an opportunity to smile. He drooled over tools we will never be able to afford and showed K.B. all the things he wants to build. It was nice to get out of the house and dabble a little more in the small business aspect of our lives. 

Then all at once the weekend flew by, which is why I am posting on Sunday (for shame!) instead of my usual Friday or Saturday roundup post. Friday K.B. and I had a housecleaning party, Saturday I had a much needed GNO, and today is a day of rest. In fact, I am off to take a nap thank you very much. 

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