Jul 7, 2012

Best Sellers Volume 7.7

I have decided to combine my Entitled Weekly and my Instaweek posts. It is simply too silly to post them on separate days. So now you get the titles from my week as well as the cover art to go along with them. I know, just keeping you all guessing here on this ever changing blog! Full of surprises, oh yes we are. 

This was an alright week. Again my Superman was pulling some overtime so we didn't get very many days together. I honestly hate these weeks simply because I feel like a widow for the most part. Sman gets home, showers, eats, and then hits the sack. I try to get to bed at the same time he does but Littleman often has other plans for me. By the time I crawl into bed my hubby is soundly snoring away. Sad, but true. 

Other happenings this week in a series of book titles:
"Top Teeth in Progress"
"The Hair that Lasted All the Live Long Day"
"Baby is an Official Mess Maker"
"Hot Freedom Fest Walking"
"Nearly There Up the Stair"
"Yellow Balloon" 
"Rain to Put Out the Fire!"
"Browsing, but Not Shopping"
"A Home Library Book List"

Here at A London we hope your week has been bright and shiny and full of happy 4th activities. We will be taking full advantage of Hubby Home Sunday tomorrow and then it is back to work for another long Superman haul. We can do it!

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