Jul 11, 2012

The New Provo

Today Superman and I both needed to get oil changes on our cars. Being 2,000 miles overdue was just taking it too far. So we drove to our trusty dealership and dropped them both off. Then, pretending like we were big city folk, we did some errands on foot; the new and improved Provo making us feel all the more legit. Things around downtown Provo are changing and changing fast. Bigger, more modernized buildings are transforming the shab into swag. We walked passed several newer buildings including the Convention Center, Wells Fargo Building, and Zions Bank. I confess, though change often has me feeling a little bit left behind, theses improvements are for the best. Bringing back our downtown Provo is a valiant pursuit. I kept telling Superman how I wanted to spend more time just walking from building to building, stopping for a quick lunch in the new cafes, strolling with K.B. to the library. Why don't I? Well because, unlike true big citiers, I am a pretender. Though our house is not too far from the heart and soul of downtown Provo, it is still not near enough for simply walking. I would have to load up the car, the stroller, the baby. I would have to drive over the freeway through construction madness. Then it would be necessary to park my car, unload, and finally proceed to stroll. I could easily spend the afternoon wandering. Then I would have to get back to my car and the process commences once more. Just writing it out is making me fatigued. Phew! So alas, the improvements of downtown Provo are a nice place to visit, but I don't want to live there. Guess we are not big city after all. We are just on our way. Thanks New Provo, for making us feel a part of the advancement of local human society as we know it. 

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  1. Totally agree. Downtown Provo is starting to look so... not ghettoish. Yes, that's a word now :)