Jul 14, 2012

Entitled Weekly 7.14

"Hidden Behind Dark Glasses"
"Soccer Watching Stance"
"Nappy Time Dance"
"Angel of the Morning"
"Mommy: The New Playground"
"How Not to Organize Your Home Workbench"
"Shop Hands Busy"

This past week was a good one, and by good I mean manageable despite life's best efforts to make it otherwise. Life helped me break yet another pair of favorite sunglasses and that makes three this year. Poo! Life is forcing a canine tooth to try and emerge through a very little jaw and his little gums. Life has stolen all of my money leaving me with just enough to buy groceries and nothing else. Insert the image of my closet shaking it's proverbial fist at life. Life has broken my weed whacker and nearly done in my lawn mower. Life has allowed wasps to take up residence in the upper eaves of my house. Life has kept me from shaving for five days! Heinous I tell you. 

Despite all of this, I am seeing through to all the many things I have such great gratitude for. 

First: my family. I love spending time with Superman, Littleman, and all of our family that is so close by. Honestly most of our immediate family lives within 30 minutes. What a blessing, what a support, and what a way to always have people around when you are in a pinch. 

Second: I have a house, a yard, a haven. I deeply, truly, dearly love my house. It is the perfect size, the perfect location, and the perfect mixture of undying bachelor pad mixed with family home. The turn over is taking time, but little by little this house is becoming our home and I think we will be permanent fixtures here. 

Third: I am so grateful for budgets. I know, that is a strange thing to add to this list, but today it just feels like things are working out for a reason. We are so blessed to have ends meet each month. 

We are about $900 less than the income we were accustomed to while I was working. That is a big hit for us. Fortunately we are making it work. It means tightening belts, cutting down, and simplifying. It means focusing on the important things and letting the rest just be. I will admit, it has been hard to follow along in the lives of those in the blogosphere. The people I blog stalk are vacating, hitting up Europe, and doing all the things I am desperately jealous of. I can't do those things, but that is just fine. I don't need to. I have too many things to be thankful for to let the weight of financial burden keep me down. 

So here is to good family, good home, and good enough money. 


  1. Hey! I do an instagram weekly link-up on my blog. Just in case you have a second or two today, I'd love for you to link up! Just wanted to let you know about this. :)


  2. My favorite photo is where the sweet little one is looking up with those cute little blue eyes!

  3. London! I loved meeting you this weekend. You and your babe are adorable. Glad I found your blog :)