Aug 18, 2012

Entitled Weekly 8.18

Summer is winding down and my weeks are winding up. I am getting more and more busy as time goes by and August comes closer to an end. It is what tends to happen as KB and I try and soak up what is left of summer. We end up eating a lot of junk food, spending a lot of time away from home, and getting less and less nap time. Oh the sacrifices we make to make the most of sunshine. I am sad to see this summer close, this my first summer as a mommy. Although I am excited to start my first fall as a mommy as well. So we are torn. Happy, but torn. Here are a few titles from my week. 

I Share, You Share Lunches
Veggies in Brownies
A Quiet Moment With the Hall Light
Bed Covers
No Time for Naps: Memoirs of a Busy Baby
French Toast on Friday
A Cozy Polar Bear
Block to the Party

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