Aug 16, 2012

Right This Moment I Am...

...Totally stealing this idea from Nat the Fat Rat.  

... Not liking the smoke clouding my blue sky. Apparently it is from Washington state.

...Sweating from mowing the not so large lawn, but feeling good about how green my grass is looking now that summer is nearly over.

...Watching K.B. make a wreck of the living room floor; spreading his toys (and things that are not really toys, but being played with all the same) all across the carpet.

...Wishing I had the oomph to get off the couch and grab a glass of ice cold water. Maybe in just one more minute. 

...Wearing sock that do not match. The style is the same, the color is not. This happens all too often.

...Thinking about lunch. Leftovers or cereal? Both prospects are sounding fairly grim.

...Missing Bear Lake. Summer is nearly over and I have not had nearly enough lake time this year.

...Feeling grateful for the friends and neighbors I have. Had a lovely garden party as a RS Activity last night and it was good to see them.

...Awestruck that my hubby managed to melt a cutting board last night while making Mac n' Cheese. Did he need the cutting board to make Macaroni and Cheese? I think not. It now has the electric stove top permanently melted into the surface. Good thing it was just the white one and not my favorite red one.

...Feeling a little silly that I have a favorite cutting board.

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