Aug 15, 2012

Family Vacation :: Bear Lake

We have done it! Our first official vacation/camping trip with a baby. I will tell you, it was a worrisome and extremely stressful thing to prepare for. I felt like no matter what I did my little K.B. was not going to be happy on this trip. How could he possibly be comfortable outside the walls of his natural habitat, his home? What should I pack? Would it be enough? More on that later though.

I eventually answered all of those pressing questions and we survived it. When I say survive I mean it in every extent of the word. This camping trip was perhaps one of the most memorable, to say the least. Here is a brief summary of the events each day. 

Day 1 :: Wednesday
Packed up the car. 
Loaded up the people. 
Traveled in a caravan north. 
Dropped off our other car we sold, sniff, sniff. 
Carried on to Bear Lake and our KOA campsite. 
Arrived in one piece.
Discovered our sleeping bags were left at home.
Frantically called our friend who was coming up the next day. 
Frantically called our dog sitter to let our friend inside our house for sleeping bags. 
And a lantern.
Got in touch with everyone just fine. 
Also discovered the camp no longer allowed fires or coals.
All of our dinners required fire or coals. 
So we ate hot dogs from an electric grill at the campsite. 
Went to bed and luckily it was warm with just quilts. 

Day 2 :: Thursday
Woke up at 2 am to pump. Yes, I still am doing that.
Went back to bed and work up at 4 am to cuddle with baby. 
Woke up again at 7 am for breakfast, all of us. 
Spent a luxurious day at the lake. 
Temps were hot.
Sky was blue. 
Canoe was a paddling. 
Ate cold cuts on the beach. 
Headed back to came around 6 pm. 
Ate a dinner of taco salad.
Rejoiced when said friend showed up with sleeping bags. 
Went to bed. 

Day 3 :: Friday
Woke up to a bad case of skunk at 2 am. 
Went to pump and had to hold my breath. 
Came back and cuddled with baby to keep him warm. 
Woke up at 7 am to a happy warm baby. 
Fed him and he was happier. 
Proceeded to reach for my phone to check the time. 
Watched as baby speedy-crawled to edge of air mattress.
Watched more as baby slid right off the sleeping bag. 
Reached for baby, but too late. 
He it the floor and a part of the pack-n-play.
Baby has little bruise around his eye.
Mommy has a sore heart. 
Went to the beach and it was stormy. 
Cloudy sky.
Rocky waves.
We still had a great time. 
Ate tin-foil dinners for lunch on the beach.
Returned to camp to shower.
Went out for Raspberry shakes. 
Met a micro-burst head on. 
It lasted until 10 pm. 
We took shelter in the cars.
When it was over we all went to bed. 

Day 4 :: Saturday
Woke up at 2 am for another pump run to the biffy.
Cuddled with baby until 7 am. 
Got up and had a warm, KOA breakfast.
Drove to the beach. 
Stayed at the beach until 4:30 pm. 
The weather was completely cooperative this day.
Showered back at camp.
Waited for 15 mins (ahem, it was really an hour) before we were seated.
Had yummy Mexican food. 
Stayed up late to see some meteors fall from the sky. 

Day 5 :: Sunday
Packed up camp.
Came home. 

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