Oct 16, 2012

The Final Countdown

The countdown--the final days of year one are winding down. I cannot believe this boy, in little more than  two weeks is going to be a year old. It freaks me out actually. Little did I know just how quickly this time would go by. I see before me a little boy; one who has developed likes and dislikes, one who has a personality, and one who even gets frustrated with me and harumphs like he means business. What am I going to do with these precious few days left before the big zero one? Here is a list.

1. More cuddles
2. Less busy and more play time
3. Walks around the house
4. Enjoy graham crackers a little more
5. Jump in the fall leaves
6. Take loads of pictures
7. Make him laugh more
8. Splash in the tub
9. Snuggle with Peter Rabbit
10. Soak up every moment

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