Mar 6, 2013

Ready for Spring

This was taken a while ago, but I assure you I am ready for this stuff to be gone. Done! You hear me white stuff? I am ready for you to be gone. There is maybe one small white patch still hanging on for dear life in the shadowy corner of our white fence. I am almost ready to get a shovel and heave it over said fence, except I like my backyard neighbors too much to curse them with the snow that never melts. Sadly though, today was about 50 degrees, which is not sad, but the next three days look like snow. Thus, Littleman and I will be taking a nice little walk to the mailbox and try to soak up the sun. Then we will likely be holed up in the house for the rest of this wintery week. I am counting down the days until no more sun! Bring on the green grass and blue skies. 

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