Mar 4, 2013

Right at this Moment I Am...

...Holding this little sickie. 
...Wishing this cold would finally release my boy from its clutches. 
...Watching a sleeping mutt have twitchy dreams on the couch. 
...Thinking of cooking, but feeling it is inevitable we will be eating out tonight. 
...Wondering if I should plan something for FHE.
...Needing to sneeze, but doing all I can to stifle the urgent itching. 
...Smelling something very foul coming from Littleman. 
...Listening to audio CDs hoping to get better at speaking French. 
...Getting very warm with the door shut and heater blasting, but unable to move. 
...Craving a good foot massage. 
...Thankful for my quick trip to Spin Class this morning. Kicked my butt. 

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