Apr 13, 2013

Happy Birthday Sister

On Saturday it was this girl's birthday. I have been hearing about it for three months, probably more. She starts the countdown pretty much the day after her birthday, lets be honest. Her birthday is a momentous occasion in our family, as it should be, because she is a magnificent girl. She is sweet, kind, and understanding. She is loving and never judges anyone. And she gets super excited about everything. 

So, to make this birthday especially memorable we kidnapped her for a delicious breakfast in the morning. We dragged her in her jammies and messy hair out to Kneaders for the best, all you can eat French toast. Her smile could not have been any wider. Of course we sang to her, several times throughout the day. She opened presents and ate pie. We spent time together as a family. All of us, really enjoyed the day, her day. 

Thank you K. for being a stupendous big sister. You are the best and brightest example of charity I have ever seen in a person. I hope to someday grow up to be as kind and genuine as you are. Here is to many, many more Happy Birthdays. Love you always!


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