Apr 15, 2013

Writer's Block :: Case of the Monday's

Why do you suppose Mondays are so undesirable to most?

Today I am stealing a writer's block prompt from this blog post. Something about it resonated with my jumbled and completely unmotivated feelings this morning. See, it snowed in town, yet again. Not a lot, but enough to bring me down a notch or two in the cheeriness department. The bright and shiny Spring days we had over the weekend are pretty much drizzled out. Also, it is Monday, the hardest day of the week. But why, why do most people dislike Monday? Personally, I can think of a few reasons. 

Monday is the day most people go back to work after a weekend. That was always difficult while I was working. Having the time away was always nice, but that first day back seemed to take twice as long as any other normal day. The Monday minutes were always lengthy and drawn out. The same went for when I was in school. Monday's were always the days I had to get back on schedule, but couldn't stop thinking about all the fun and free time I was having just the day before. Now Monday just means getting back to the daily grind. 

Monday is the day for chores. I confess, growing up we usually took Saturday to get some of the more laborious chores done. We would do yard work, clean the garage, organize closets, and sometimes deep clean the carpets. Now though, I don't really get anything like chores accomplished over the weekend. I take a break. Thus to me, Monday means chores. I have to catch up on dishes, laundry, vacuuming  Not something to really enjoy, celebrate, or look forward to. 

Monday is garbage day. In my neighborhood the garbage man usually comes in the morning and disturbs my Littleman. This is something, as a mother, I have the right to be a little disgruntled about. Naps and bedtime over the weekend never tend to work just right. This means, when Monday rolls around, Littleman will likely try sleeping in for an extra hour. Yes! Finally, something to thoroughly enjoy about Monday. Alas, it is not meant to be. Enter the unfriendly garbage truck at 7:30 and all hopes of staying in bed are promptly squashed. Curse you!

Monday means five more days before another weekend. This is still something that dampens my spirits, not because I am working, but because of my Superman's schedule means that his extended days off usually happen Friday thru Monday. Sometimes he has Monday off, and we enjoy the time together, but if he is working on Monday, it means I have two whole weekends in a row that he will be working. Blech! This just happens to be one of those Mondays and I can't bear it.

So, lets simplify it. Most people dislike Monday because it acts as a reminder of just how boring we are. It is a reminder of how we are not reaching our potential, and how far out of reach our dreams may be. That doesn't have to be the case. We can turn this Monday around. We can defeat this case of the Monday's. This is my quick list and truth be told, they often help me feel better about starting the week, but also better about life in general. 

1. Exercise in the morning. I like this workout with my Littleman. Pretty fun for both of us.
2. Eat a healthy breakfast. I find this breakdown helpful. 
3. Plan to spend time with family later. We try to plan FHE for Monday night. 
4. Pump up the tunes while you work/do chores. This song is the best!
5. Do something new and imaginative. The above quote really helps me get through Mondays. 

Boom! Hope this helps you have a happier Monday. I am off to listen to my tunes and start dishes. Just livin' the dream life. Ick!

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