Apr 12, 2013

It's Not Always Sun and Games

We live for spending time out of doors these days. Both Littleman and I get a little stir-crazy during the week and need time and space to vent all the pent up energy. Especially because I am trying to wean him off the binky during the day. We need the distraction. We need the green grass beneath our feet and endless blue sky above our heads. So we take to the backyard quite often. Though the temperature is still clings to a slight chill, the rays of the brightly beaming sun warm our scalps and shoulders. It is enough to draw us out and keep us there for an hour or so every day. 

However, it is not always smiles and sunshine when we break outdoors. Sometimes the distraction simply isn't enough. This kid knows how to turn on the sad face like nobody's business. Bam! His brow furrows, his nose scrunches, and that lower lip quivers and pouts simultaneously. That poor, sadface would melt even the stoniest heart. I, as the mother, have to be impervious to it. I cannot let that heartbreaking little face sway my decisions. He does not need his binky, aka nie nie, to be happy. "You don't need it," I chirp over his wails and begging. "You don't need it. Here look, a truck. A ball. A dog." Sometimes the distractions work, and sometimes they don't. The sad thing is though, I am spending more and more time with this sadface because he is spending less and less time with his nie nie.

My mantra for the days, weeks, months ahead: I can do it! We can get through this phase. 

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