Apr 11, 2013

Right at this Moment I Am...

...Sitting in the library sans my Littleman. Kinda strange.
...Getting ready to pull out my ads for price matching and not liking the prospect.
...Needing to find at least two new "healthy" recipes to try this coming week.
...Off of sugar during the week :(
...Grateful for my sister's birthday on Saturday so I can have cake.
...Wearing a sweater and shorts much like this because its spring-transition weather.
...Trying out this hair do and really like it to pin back my bangs.
...Overhearing a heated argument about using the library wifi. Shhhhh!
...Debating about which audio book to borrow, this or this? Ok, both!
....Writing out a grocery list by hand. Somethings are better old school yo.
...Loving the spring rain happening outside.
...Digging all the budding green happening in my world these days. 

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