May 24, 2013

Memorial Weekend

I cannot believe my family is leaving me for this Memorial Day weekend. They are, all of them, taking a 10 day trip to Arizona, and I couldn't go because I would be leaving for Girls Camp only one day after their return. So, sheesh! I don't know what I am going to do with myself. My hubby is working and will have the car Saturday and Sunday. So it looks like Friday and Monday are going to be my big days to celebrate. Here is what I have planned. 

Friday includes: 
grocery shopping
a visit to the splash pad party
sending my family off on their glorious vacation
be jealous they all get to go

Saturday will be: 
house cleaning
yard work
endless episodes of Bones or Castle
maybe a bike ride

Sunday is: 
the usual craziness of getting up
getting ready for church
getting home from church

Monday celebrations are: 
going to the Memorial Day Breakfast
 a trip to the local thrift shop
maybe visiting some family graves
 spending the afternoon and evening enjoying time with my boys

Hope all of your Memorial Day celebrations are grand. I know I will be smelling many BBQs and seeing more and more kids playing outside this weekend. I am looking forward to it! And so is Littleman. Look at that face!

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